To the ends of the earth  |  Acts 28:17-31  |  JACOB MITCHELL |  02/10/2016

The gospel spreads to the ends of the earth. God has a plan and we have a mandate. What are we to look like as Christians taking Gods love story for humanity to the ends of this world? This seems so overwhelming.. should it be?

Paul's courage  |  Acts 27:1-27  |  GAVIN MORK  |  25/09/2016

Paul is courageousness. Courageousness in his actions, courageousness in his decisions but also courageousness in his faith in God. God uses Paul to show us how to rely, depend and be bold in leaning on God for all things. Pauls life isn't safe, it isn't reckless but it is courageous.

Transformed to serve  |  Acts 26:1-18  |  JEREMY DUNNE  |  18/09/2016

God calls us to be witness and to serve, but often these words are used in conversation without much follow-through. How are we to actually be witnesses and servants in a world that is desperate for Jesus? 

God's sovereignty  |  Acts 23:1-25  |  GAVIN MORK  |  11/09/2016

God is in control, and the truth is that he is personal and close in the times when you may feel the exact opposite. But how can we be sure of this? How can i be free from worry and anxiety of suffering in this life? Who is God and what is he like?

Transformation  |  Acts 19:11-34  |  GAVIN MORK  |  04/09/2016

We forget our need for Jesus daily. - We loose our awe and wonder regularly. Why is this? Why do we desire and want more but are never willing to be transformed? God shows us what being transformed by Him does, how freedom flows, how shame and guilt is seized. The gospel and Jesus' death is not just the abc but the A to Z.

God is not foreign  |  Acts 17:16-34  |  GAVIN MORK  |  28/08/2016

“The God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth and does not live in temples built by human hands. And he is not served by human hands, as if he needed anything. Rather, he himself gives everyone life and breath and everything else ... ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’"

Herod vs God!  |  Acts 12:1-25  |  GAVIN MORK  |  07/08/2016

We don't deserve any good thing from God, but we are on the side of a saviour who is bigger and better than anyone on earth. We feel like we have strength in numbers by being against God but we are lost without God being on our side. In this battle between Herod and God we see how there is nothing that can stand against God and live

Gospel is for all!  |  Acts 10:1-46  |  JEREMY DUNNE  |  31/07/2016

The gospel is for everyone! Sometimes we have this Field of Dreams mindset, "Build it and they will come..". Though, simply having a church family and building isn't the way in which the gospel goes out to the world. The message of God's love for humanity and desire for relationship needs to taken to the world. We cant wait for the world to come to us. Lets not wait, lets love!

God is in control!  |  Acts 9:1-18  |  GAVIN MORK  |  25/07/2016

God appears to Saul and changes his life in an instant. Do we believe God can do this today? Do we believe God is in control and at any moment God can change and impact hearts? This story and the journey of Saul to Paul shows us that we don't need to be afraid and we can depend fully on God to come through in the most unexpected times and people in our lives.

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