God's Character  |  Acts 8:26-40  |  GAVIN MORK  |  16/06/2016

God's character is what moves us into action. God is love, his character is love and that is who God is, and as the object of God's affection our identity is that we are loved. - And that is who we are.

Honesty + Selfless Gospel Community  |  Acts 5:01-16  |  CAMERON LYON  |  08/05/2016

Acts shows us that pretence doesn't make sense in the lives we live, as we stand before God, the God who knows our every move, we still feel the need to show a different front than the true person we are. God values honesty and selflessness and so does the community around us. Does living an honest life really make that much of a difference?

Church + Commitment  |  Acts 4:23-35  |  JEREMY DUNNE  |  01/05/2016

What is church? How do you do church? What does acts show us and do we want this as a community of believers? If we want to be a family who commits then we need to be ready to do the tedious, unexciting, uncomfortable, to hold together at whatever cost.

Filled with the Spirit  |  Acts 4:1-16  |  JEREMY DUNNE  |  24/04/2016

What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? How are we meant to take the name of Jesus to this world? Do we need to? Jesus told us it is to our advantage that Jesus goes.. that He may leave behind a helper, the Holy Spirit.

Repentance + Faith  |  Acts 3:1-16  |  JEREMY DUNNE  |  17/04/2016

What does it mean, and not only mean, but look like to fully turn from and to fully turn to Jesus? Is this a quick fix or do we need to dig deeper?

Everything in common  |  Acts 2:42-47  |  GAVIN MORK  |  10/04/2016

The church brought the truth of God to a world that doesn't know God, they did this by being of the same mind and having everything in common. - What does it mean to be a church that has everything in common? And how does this affect us as a missional, relationship centred family of Jesus.

Go  |  Acts 2:26-38  |  GAVIN MORK  |  03/04/2016

Go to the nations, go to your neighbours, go to your partner, go to your own heart and repent. Turn away from what was and who we were and start being who God died for us to be. Fearless, powerful and faithful carriers of the message of Jesus.

Jesus Rose  |  1 Corinthians 15:54-58  |  GAVIN MORK  |  27/03/2016

Prayer  |  Acts 1:12-26  |  GAVIN MORK  |  13/03/2016

Every move of God started with prayer and living off every word of God. How can we be a church that reaches this city and loves those around us? It needs to be prayer. We need to be surrendering and asking.

To the ends of the earth  |  Acts 1:1-11  |  GAVIN MORK  |  06/03/2016

Is Jesus serious as He calls us to the ends of the earth? - What does that mean and what does that look like? More importantly than who you marry, what job you have or the city you live in, the press and call for our lives is to take the goodness of Jesus to the ends of the earth and everywhere in between.