At City Light Church Balmain, we consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to teach children of our faith about our faith. We take the responsibility seriously and seek to love the children in our classes well as they learn about their God, the story of The Bible, and our King and Saviour Jesus, what he came to do for us.

City Light Church has SRE teachers in Rozelle Public School. We use the CEP Connect teaching material in our classes.

The SRE Co-ordinator for City Light Balmain is Gavin Mork. To contact him, please-e mail
As a church, we have adhere to the policies and procedures for SRE as given by CCCAust.
To see all the relevant SRE Policies and Procedures, including information on our CEP Connect teaching materials and our companies management policy, please refer to the CCCAust website, under SRE Resources.