Love the World  |  Psalm 96  |  JEREMY DUNNE  |  28/02/2016

Loving the world is the call for humanity. The way we best love is to know and believe fully how we are first loved by God. How can we impact and love this world and is this what God desires for us? "Lets be the church family that grows up and goes out"

Love Church  |  1 John 3:16-20  |  GAVIN MORK  |  21/02/2016

Jesus has a serious love for the church, a deep, purpose centred love for the church, so why don't we? How can we be a church that resembles and represents a true genuine and powerful family unit? To love God is to love the church, not the building but the people.

Love God  |  2 Corinthians 5:17-21  |  GAVIN MORK  |  14/02/2016

When you understand how good God is, you respond with the questions of 'How' and 'Why'. Loving God is crucial to a real and true life and having a right view of God, heightens the Cross of Jesus and magnifies what He has done.

Every disciple making disciples  |  Matthew 28:16-20  |  JEREMY DUNNE  |  07/02/2016

How do we be a church, a people who are real about the message we believe? How do we make disciples in a world that moves away from the culture of church? Jeremy kicks of the series as he sets the vision for City Light Church as we grow followers and affections.