Judgement  |  Matthew 7:1-5  |  JEREMY DUNNE  |  04/12/2016

Its easy to judge, but its dangerous. Jesus shows us how judgement of others cripples us and also outlines the state of, not where the person your judging is heading, but where you are. So how are we to respond and how can we not judge? 

Anxiety  |  Matthew 6:25-34  |  GAVIN MORK  |  27/11/2016

Anxiety is real and affects so many of us today. What does Jesus say on anxiety and why does he say what He says?

Money  |  Matthew 6:19-24  |  JEREMY DUNNE  |  20/11/2016

God tells us on the topic of money that we cannot serve 2 masters. Referring a master, as Himself and the other master being money. How do we know if we are serving money? The critical dependant is generosity. Are you generous? What is generosity? How much is generosity?

Religion  |  Matthew 6:1-18  |  CAMERON LYON  |  13/11/2016

Christianity is seen as a thoughtless ritual-filled religion, though Jesus came and spoke the exact opposite. Jesus desires our hearts not our mere duties and performances. The beauty of the Gospel is that God wants a relationship with you and I.

Forgiveness  |  Matthew 5:38-42  |  JACOB MITCHELL  |  6/11/2016

What does it mean to truly forgive? What does it look like? So often we have an idea of forgiveness and it involves fairness. The scandal of Jesus' gospel is that there is a cost to forgive, true forgiveness is costly, love is costly.

Lust  |  Matthew 5:27-30  |  GAVIN MORK  |  30/10/2016

Jesus, again, is about the heart. So with everything He asks and desires for His people, its about our hearts being in line with His. God wants us to address lust at the very core.

Anger  |  Matthew 5:21-26  |  GAVIN MORK  |  23/10/2016

It's hard to not get angry. It's hard to do what Jesus asks us to do in the face of something irritating or infuriating. God has given us a new heart .. a heart that has the ability to obey and say no to our desires and to yes to forgiveness, to mercy and peace, yes to Him!

Radical is the new normal  |  Matthew 5:1-16  |  JEREMY DUNNE  |  17/10/2016

Jesus's word were purposeful in separating the 'fans' from the 'followers' - So where does that leave you? Jesus described his followers in the sermon on the mount, as the love story of God unfolds in Jesus, we are left with a question. What is the normal response to the grace we have been shown? Is it radical to give your whole life in response or is it normal?