God's love is inseparable  |  Romans 8:31-39  |  JAMES BEAVER  |  17/07/2016

No people. No thing. There is nothing in this world that can separate us from the love of God. His love is ever flowing because Jesus died and rose again.

Full Assurance  |  Romans 8:15-27  |  JOSH BONNEFIN  |  10/07/2016

God gives and promises us full assurance. Why can we be sure, how can we be sure? How does having a relationship with Jesus give us any assurance to life our lives by?

Adopted and Free  |  Romans 8:14-17  |  MARK DUNSTAN  |  03/07/2016

It is to our advantage that Jesus left but did not leave. In giving us the Holy Spirit we don't have to fear, we can stand in our position as sons and daughters and know that we can call our God and King, father.

IN Christ  |  Romans 8:1-13  |  FAF DRISCOLL  |  26/06/2016

Being IN Christ is our position as followers of Jesus. - This position is ground and foundation in which shapes our every decision and action. What does it mean to be IN Christ and how does this really change anything?