Alcohol  |  Proverbs 23:29-35  |  GAVIN MORK  |  31/01/16

How does this culture use alcohol? What is good and how could it be bad? What does God say on alcohol, as a gift which is in itself good, how can we do the best with it in this world.

Health + Fitness  |  Proverbs (Multiple passages)  |  JEREMY DUNNE  |  24/01/16

Health and fitness is saturated in our culture, it is somewhat worshipped like a God. - Why is this such a popular goal for a yearly resolution? Why do people want this above so much? Come and hear what God says on fitness and wellbeing. How to be healthy on the outside as well as the inside.

Organisation  |  Proverbs (Multiple passages)  |  JAMES STINSON  |  17/01/16

God loves it when we plan, but more than that He loves it when we give our plans to Him. Come hear what it looks like to plan and how addressing our own hearts will be answer to good planning.

Money  |  Proverbs (Multiple passages)  |  CAMERON LYON  |  10/01/16

Money is easy to want and hard to use well. See what God says about money, what His intentions are and how we can align our hearts with generosity.

Enjoying Friendships  |  Proverbs 17 - 29  |  JACOB MITCHELL  |  03/01/16

How important is a good friendship? Jacob speaks on the necessity and importance of good friendships. Sometimes it isn't that easy though, good friendship takes considered actions and thoughts. Join us as Jacob walks through the proverbs on friendship.

Enjoying life to the fullest  |  Proverbs 1:1-7  |  JACOB MITCHELL  |  27/12/15

What will this year look like? What message will you believe? What life does this world offer and what life does Jesus offer? With a world of mixed messages, what is actually true? Enjoy life to the fullest.