Let’s keep it simple. We exist to make more and stronger disciples of Jesus. This year is going to be the biggest year for City Light since we kicked off in 2013 and we are praying and hoping to see God to great things this year! So it’s with great excitement and hope for our future that we present the ONWARD FUND for 2019.

With a whole new year of opportunity ahead of us we’d be very grateful if you could please take the time to read this brochure through and prayerfully consider your involvement in this year’s ONWARD FUND.

We are so thankful for the joyful generosity of this church and pray that the grace of God would continue to abound and bear fruit in this church.

Gavin Mork
Elder Teaching & Pastoral Care

Jeremy Dunne
Elder Teaching & Vision

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If we are serious about about making more and stronger disciples of Jesus then developing and supporting leaders will be crucial. 2019 will represent our heaviest investment in leaders yet with the com- mencement of an internship program and training and resource .

programs across all key areas.
Our interns alone will be volunteering

over 2000 hours of ministry this year and our other leaders, 100s more! We want to make sure our leaders feel loved and supported by providing bookpacks and training conferences as

well as ensuring they are properly thanked for their time and care.

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This building has served as a space to help Christians gather for almost 100 years. But with almost a century of years in ministry it’s time for a minor update! Our plans for the building are modest but important: upgrade the cry room, update the signage and redo the front garden area.

As our building gets more and more use during the week and on Sundays we want to ensure that it provides a welcoming feel that helps rather than

hinders our efforts to make more and strong- er disciples of Jesus. We would love your support in preparing the building for our future years of ministry.

Your generosity will contribute to 102 Sunday Gatherings, 48 Hands and Feet meetings and countless other hours of ministry and training in 2019. Our hope and prayer is that these improvements will facilitate effective gospel ministry and help us move forward into the next phase of church life on a strong footing.

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As our church has grown over the last 6 years so have our families. As babies become kids and kids become teens, it’s time to think about making more and stronger disciples of the next generation.

We would like to start setting aside money now to employ a part-time kids worker to invest in making City Kids a vibrant, gospel shaped ministry that is ready to disciple the next generation for the years to come!

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C. Peter Wagner in his book ‘Church Planting for a Greater Harvest writes: ‘The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches’. For this reason Cedric and Jenni Tang have uprooted their lives in Newcastle to move to Burwood and begin a new gospel work in our city: The City Light Burwood Campus.

So far, God has generously provided financial support and a brand new building, right in the heart of Burwood. This year we would love to support the Tangs and Jacob and Sarah as they look to launch this campus and

make more and stronger disciples in the Burwood area and beyond.

Money given to support this work will go towards supporting the staff (Cedric, Full-Time and Jacob, Part-Time) as well as initial ministry and facility costs.

So many people have come to faith or been strengthened in their faith through God’s grace at our Balmain Campus. This is a huge opportunity to support a new gospel ministry and provide them a strong foundation for fruitful ministry for many years to come.


If you would like to give by direct transfer you can use the account and BSB below or use the Donor Box below:

BSB: 082-125
ACC: 31-574-2412